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The World Wide Web is in expansion mode and everything under the sun is finding itself inside a webpage – be it an address or details about Mars! There is loads of information about whatever you want to know and this information is out there for everyone to see. How do people access this information? Why, websites of course! And the content in these websites is what makes them special.

Yes, there are web developers who create the websites and run the back-end applications that make the websites accessible. At the same time, there are web managers and content developers who create content and upload them for the masses to see. Do you remember an interesting anecdote you read on a particular webpage or did a website ever strike you as interesting because of its content? Well, that’s all thanks to the web content manager who has created the content and uploaded it for you to view.

Estatic Infotech, one of the leading IT-ITES service providers in the country, not only offers you services for cloud computing and web design development, but also for web content management. One of the platforms that they use for content management is Umbraco. An open source content management system platform, Umbraco is completely free and can be used to run anything from a single page to a whole set of heavy documents and pages.

The easy and customizable content creation and management system is a breeze for the web designers, developers, and content creators at Estatic Infotech, thereby enabling ease of access and management. Some of the most amazing features of the Umbraco content management system is that it is really fast and has a very quick back-office turnaround time; it uses latest technology including ASP.NET, Microsoft; it has a responsive back-office that can be accessed across devices and is equally manageable be it over the PC or on a handheld device; and it is constantly upgrading its facilities and features making the life of the web developer and content manager easy!

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, here are a few more features of Umbraco that make it one of the best content management systems in the world! Its editing interface is simple and user-friendly, enabling even novices to manage content without glitches. Umbraco is integrated with MS Office, which allows ease of access while editing content. Umbraco offers multiple language capabilities, which also includes adding new language libraries on your own. Last but not the least; Umbraco has an active support community with members ready to help anyone anytime.

If you’re looking for a content management system to make the most of your website, then Umbraco should be your choice, and who better to help you manage it than Estatic Infotech?

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