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The mobile phone has become an extension of the human hand – you will surprised by how amazingly the uses of a phone has transformed over the ages. From an instrument used to communicate between people, usually in emergencies, the mobile phone has become the best friend of the human being. People use the mobile phone for everything, right from social interactions to shopping, from keeping track of appointments to watching a movie. And this has been possible due to technological advancements in the arena of phone apps – be it Android, Windows, or iOS. Telerik, is one such application which offers tools and services that can be used for cross-platform development, and mobile application creation.

Estatic Infotech, a company that offers IT-ITES services as well as software services and tools, is an expert in using Telerik for web, hybrid, and native app development. Telerik helps the experts at Estatic Infotech with such products as .NET controls and suites, Cloud development software, application lifecycle management, testing tools and software, and content management system. Using Telerik, Estatic Infotech helps its clients in a variety of web and mobile related software development and app creation – which puts them on the map of the global digital revolution.

Telerik is a platform that can be set up instantly and offers a mobile development environment. It is easy to use, as it uses the web technologies most developers are familiar with, such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript et al. The most important part is that it is a cross-platform application that can be run across all devices and across all operating systems: making it one of the most accessible and usable platforms for all concerned. Telerik enables experts to design, build, connect, test, deploy, manage, and measure apps and cross-platform services.

Telerik offers a variety of templates and library of shapes using which the Estatic Infotech experts can help you in building prototypes of mobile apps, based on your ideas which you can easily approve or reject. You can also ask them to make changes as per your needs, and the Telerik prototype helps them in customizing the solutions as per client requirements.

Estatic Infotech can help you with Cloud solutions as well, using Telerik. Data services, push notifications, email and sms, and many other such backend activities can be configured and used, thanks to the Telerik application.

In their line of services, the web gurus and app experts at Estatic Infotech help you in not only creating your cross-platform app, but also connecting your app to data, finding bugs while testing so that user experience is not hampered, publishing the app to app stores so that users can access and download them, monitor your app and track its usability and other such analytics. Join the mobile revolution, and let Estatic Infotech take you on a digital journey of success.

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