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SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle

The Internet has become the basis for business these days – companies are offering products and services via the internet and customers are accessing them and getting them delivered via the Internet. This has exponentially increased the need and necessity for websites, web pages, and web applications, as well as mobile applications – using which the internet can be accessed and made user-friendly. Estatic Infotech is one of the leading names in the IT and ITES services sector in the country, offering the services of skilled experts who can build, maintain, repair, and manage web applications.

Of the services that the engineers, programmers, and experts at Estatic Infotech offers clients include SQL Server, My SQL, and Oracle. My SQL is one of the most popular open source SQL database management systems that is managed by Oracle. These applications - SQL Server, My SQL, and Oracle – are cost-effective, enable delivery of scalable web-based database applications. If you are seeking services for web-based database applications, then Estatic Infotech with its team of highly-skilled and knowledgeable experts is the right place for you.

The team of experienced server consultants at Estatic Infotech can assist clients with the entire range of Oracle services including SQL Server and My SQL, in addition to managing the clients’ server infrastructure. The most important thing is that the experts can customize their offerings according to the different needs of the different customers, and can also help in scaling up as and when the database environment itself expands and grows.

Some of the SQL Server projects that are undertaken by the Estatic Infotech team includes designing and implementation of backup and recovery strategies, designing and implementation of disaster recovery sites, designing and implementation of replication, designing and implementation of log shipping, designing and implementation of reorganization of database, designing and implementation of performance tuning of the database, designing and implementation of security policy, and designing and implementation of SQL Server 2000 clustering. Some of the Oracle technologies supported by the consultants at Estatic Infotech include Linux support, application maintenance, IT managed services, Java developers, IT security services and IT consultancy.

Free-software-open source projects are more often than not managed using My SQL, and these services are offered to clients on a platter by the web developers and open source software coders who work with Estatic Infotech. If you are looking to manage database applications and need support with open source coding and Oracle, then look no further than Estatic Infotech!

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