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Microsoft Azure

The world has been taken over by new standards in computing. At first, there were days when people stored all data in individual hard drives. Then came the era of the centralized servers, which was a centralized model to store data where thousands of computers could keep all their data. Those days have gone now. Today, it is the era of the Cloud – where data is stored in remote servers that can be accessed via the Internet. The distance between the end user and his data has increased exponentially – but the accessibility to his data has increased at the same rate. All it needs is the access to Internet, and the user can retrieve his data anytime anywhere.

There are many Cloud platforms that offer cloud-based data facilities to companies and people, including such names as Amazon, IBM, Google, and Microsoft. Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud application that helps develop, manage, and host applications in the cloud. Estatic Infotech is one of the web and app development and software service providers who provide Microsoft Azure services to its clients.

Considered to be one of the best cloud computing platforms, Microsoft Azure services are offered by the skilled programmers and data engineers who work at Estatic Infotech. Here are some of the reasons why Microsoft Azure is one of the most preferred cloud computing platforms among a majority of IT and ITES based organizations in the world.

Microsoft Azure is a Windows-based cloud computing application, and hence there is ease of accessibility when it comes to programmers. In fact, the web developers at Estatic Infotech use the same programming languages used for Windows such as VB.NET, and C# and use the same tools and technologies such ASP.NET and Visual Studio. This means clients can be assured that the developers will be able to create applications for Microsoft Azure owing to their previously existing Windows knowledge.

The Microsoft Azure is also scalable and flexible, and can be easily used for 10 or even 10 million users: and all this without the necessity of any additional coding required from the web developer’s side. Moreover, the Microsoft Azure is based on a very competitive pricing model that is based on per-hour, per-month, or per-transaction fees with respect to data size. Estatic Infotech offers you a very beneficial pricing model and many cost benefits if you employ them to take care of your data using the Microsoft Azure.

Estatic Inoftech not only offers you Microsoft Azure services for data storage purpose but also offers you additional services such as building infrastructure, develop applications, gains insights from the data, manage access, and offer security.

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