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HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

Have you seen that jazzy website which offers interesting alerts and prompts which make you want to click them at once? Or have you ever wondered why your daughter loves filling up those forms on the cartoon websites that she sees all day? Or, have you ever thought the filling up of a particular form on a website seemed like a breeze? Well, that’s all thanks to improved web usability due to advanced web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery!

Estatic Infotech is among the renowned web development and software programming and coding firms in the country that help various organizations create a jazzy website like the ones we just mentioned. You can get your organization an interactive and highly appreciated user-experience based website if you let the experts at Estatic Infotech experiment with technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.

How can HTML5 help your webpage?

Let the designer and web developer take your website for a spin and let your customers be wowed when they see an interactive and highly attractive webpage. Your website can include interesting and interactive forms and chat boxes, or have multi-media elements such as audio and video, and even include games and apps! What’s more HTML5 can ensure that your website or web page is accessible across devices, including the PC, the tablet, and the mobile phone! And the web development gurus at Estatic Infotech are experts at creating websites that run on HTML5.

How can CSS3 help your webpage?

CSS3 is basically a style sheet that is used to change and define the look and formatting a document written in any markup language. Using CSS3 the web designers at Estatic Infotech can help you in creating a webpage with a very interesting and attractive look and feel. You can use animations and transitions as visual elements to make the website more user-friendly. In addition to this, you can create subtle yet innovative changes in the text boxes etc such as box shadows, rounded corners, border radius, multiple background images, varied fonts, multi-column layout, and much more. Use these and more to get an interactive website that is an instant hit with your customers!

How can jQuery help yourwebpage?

jQuery is a tool that brings together the best of HTML5 and CSS3, and your website will be all the more richer if you allow the Estatic Infotech experts implement jQuery while designing your pages. Not only is it cheap, jQuery also makes your webpage SEO compliant, helps it load faster, and in short gives your user a great experience!

Estatic Infotech has experts who are experienced in programming languages and technology, and can you give you an awesome website at very attractive costs. Get in touch now and see how your website traffic increases by leaps and bounds!

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