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Amazon EC2

Cloud Computing is the current and the future of computing and data storage. With the Internet taking the world by storm and data increasing by leaps and bounds, it is impossible to keep storage in mere servers. Now, everything is stored up in the Cloud, and there are many platforms that offer cloud computing services. Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Amazon are some of the organizations that offer cloud services.

Amazon EC2 or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is a web service that offers resizable cloud computing capacity, which is one of the best things that Amazon has brought to customers. At Estatic Infotech, the expert engineers and web programmers offer clients the Amazon EC2 package and enable them to access Cloud and data with ease.

The Amazon EC2 runs on Amazon’s established computing environment, and is easily scalable depending on requirements. Estatic Infotech offers developers various tools to build, develop, and manage data in the cloud and help clients access it whenever they want. In fact, the scaling up and down can be done so smoothly that web developers can extend up to one million servers and go down to one server as well. In addition to this, Amazon EC2 can actually automatically scale itself as and when it requires, and the experts at Estatic Infotech can monitor and access them for the benefit of clients.

The web gurus at Estatic Infotech can help clients have complete control over their instances, which enables them to even remotely reboot their web services. In addition to that, Amazon EC2 offers a variety of instance types for flexible cloud hosting. Estatic Infotech is instrumental in helping clients choose and then manager memory, storage, and CPU based on requirements.

Amazon EC2 can be combined with other Amazon Web Services such as Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon SimpleDB, and more whereby a complete solution can be generated for computing and data storage. Estatic web developers and analysts are experts at Amazon Web Services and make the journey a smooth one for clients who have no prior experience or knowledge of cloud computing and/or Amazon.

Reliability and security are given when it comes to Amazon Web Services, and more so when it is combined with the services offered by Estatic Infotech. In addition to these benefits, Amazon EC2 is quite inexpensive, and offers variable costs on-demand. All these intricacies are efficiently handled by Estatic Infotech. If you’re looking for web services and data storage, then connect with Estatic Infotech and find a gateway to the world of cloud computing!

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