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Software Development

In the recent times, the entire business of the world depends upon the access of the internet service and also on the software. Software development is the computer programming which is involved in creating and maintaining different types of computer applications. Estatic Infotech is one of the best company producing web and mobile apps is also a key producer of the software development. They create the best mobile apps for the smart phones, iPads and Android platforms with multiple functionalities.

software development

Estatic Infotech offer custom software development, web application development, mobile application development and outsourcing services from all parts of the world. Their solutions are based according to the international standards and the demands and expectations of the clients. The methodology of software development ensures proper risk management along with free work flow and to complete the work within specific time. The company also has built-in processes in order to monitor the quality and consistency of the performance. The fully proven practices of the different types of solutions allow the company to deliver many successful projects. There are different types of Software development models such as:

  • Waterfall Model: It is the very old model where the testing starts only after the development is being completed. Costs of the fixing issues are high as many defects and failures are being reported at the end of the tests.
  • Agile Model: It is the most preferred methodology of the recent times where after every sprint there is the demo-able feature to the customer.
  • V Model: V model or Verification or Validation model is being used by most of the companies in their product where the developer’s life cycle and tester’s life cycle are being merged together.
  • Incremental model, RAD model, Iterative model, Spiral model: All these models are based on the requirements of the customer and also on the need of the product.

The process of the software development system is being guided by systematic software development method or SDM. They are also referred to by a number of other terms, process models, and also systems development life cycle models or SDLC. Estatic Infotech has a high demand for their software development systems as they use the latest methods to deliver and streamline their projects around the world. Internet based solutions, websites and e-commerce applications, desktop software and other SMS management applications are some of the key areas of software development. Therefore the software development is eventually the result of the demand of the customers.

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