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Responsive Design

Earlier internet services were only available in the computers, but slowly the time changed. At present with more advanced technological development, people are using internet services in their smart phones and with the help of their finger tip can gather any kind of information from all around the world. In the recent times, it has been noticed that responsive design has been gaining popularity and it is now being considered one of the best ways to design any particular website that look best in any device.


Estatic Infotech, the company famous for the web and mobile apps development delivers the best responsive designs to the market. Those web designs responds to the users and also to the devices simultaneously. The layout of the design changes according to the size and capabilities of the device. It has been widely used by majority of the people due to its many advantages such as:

  • Responsive design sites are fluid, the content can easily move across all kinds of screen resolutions on all the devices. The appearance of the site is same as the computer as it is in the other devices.
  • Responsive design provides the best user experience, whether the professionals use it from a desktop computer or from the mobile devices. You can consume the content of the site and also there is no need of any scrolling and resizing the website according to the device.
  • Many times a particular website is being designed only for a mobile device which is unavailable in the traditional websites. Again it may happen in the case of a computer, thus it is really a hassle to maintain two separate web addresses for the site. Here, responsive design enhances SEO efforts with which the visitors can use single site of their preference.
  • Responsive design is being recommended by Google which is being accepted by all the search marketers. They had recommended that using responsive design is the best practice of the industry.

Responsive design is therefore a practice of building a website which is suitable to work on each and every device and on all resolutions. It is must for all the tablets and the mobile devices and they can thus expand themselves in all sizes. The computer as well as the mobile phone users is also benefitted from responsive design. As a result the developers of Estatic Infotech are more focused on providing an intuitive and gratifying experience to all the customers.

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