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Cross Platform Apps Development

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Mobile devices are the most important tool used by almost all the people of the present life. In the mobile devices, there is a cross platform apps development which is a way of writing a single codebase for the apps used for the various operating systems. Estatic Infotech is one of the best web and mobile apps Development Company which uses the latest updated technologies to deliver the projects. Cross-platform apps development can either involve a company developing the original app on a native platform.

In the recent times, the demand for the cross platform apps development is constantly growing in the market. The primary need for the programmers of any platform is the compatibility and the developers develop flexible apps that will eventually pass the compatibility test. The cross- platform development tools are simple and easy to use as they are based on the common languages for scripting such as CSS, HTML, and Java Script. It is also useful as it reduces the costs and along with increases the speed. Different tools have different specialties, from focus on gaming to focus on data security and also on other programming languages. Some of the best cross platform development tools are as follows:

  • Xamarin: Presently, Xamarin has been attracting a record setting of $54 investment and also building out their platform and expanding it. It is also keen to emphasize on the business credentials.
  • PhoneGap: It is the most popular cross platform development brand within the development community. Based on the open source Apache Cordova project, it is completely free to use and possess various marketing features.
  • Appcelerator: Being an enterprise focused development platform, it helps the developers to write the JavaScript which is helpful for all the developers. It also offers virtual private cloud option for their enterprise customers.
  • IFactr: This app is mainly designed for the enterprises, searching to build the apps quickly for their mobile workers. Along with building the apps, iFactr also promotes robust prototyping features, allowing the companies to create prototypes in a rapid manner.

Although cross–platform apps development is very useful for all the users, it still has some drawbacks. The mobile operating system should be frequently updated. Whenever the users will receive a new update in their mobile operating system, the applications of the mobile should also be updated. The updating process of this development may take a much longer process as each of the operating system requires a separate set of code.

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